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What color jewelry should I wear?

Do you know whether gold or silver suits you?

Jewelry is the joker accessory to our outfit, as you can wear it with any style, whether the set of the day is sporty or elegant. You don't necessarily need to know your exact color type to know what color jewelry to wear. It is enough if you take into account the colors of your outfit and adjust the selected jewelry accordingly.
Black pepita mini skirt with gold buttons
The easiest thing to do is if your outfit already includes some small gold or silver accessory, for example a button or a belt , to which you can match the color of the chosen jewelry.
What jewelry do you choose if you don't have such an accessory on your dress?

Who does silver look good on?

Silver is more suitable for cool type skin tones, for example if you are a summer or winter type then silver is a perfect choice for you. We have an easier job with silver-colored jewelry, since while gold can have several shades, sometimes yellowish, sometimes reaching pink, silver jewelry usually has very similar shades, so pairing different silver jewelry with each other can make it easier to think of our outfit.

elegant silver earrings with stones

Who is good with gold?

Gold jewelry is the perfect choice for people with warm skin tones, spring and winter types. If you feel that light and orange, reddish colors look better on you, and dark colors, especially black, are more pale, then you most likely have a warm skin tone.

black half-shoulder elegant dress with silver decoration on the shoulder
I recommend the tips described above to those who want to be sure when choosing the color of their jewelry. However, it is increasingly common in fashion to mix the wearing of gold and silver jewelry and accessories. Think of the iconic two-tone gold and silver metal watches.
I would highlight one thought when choosing jewelry, which is the main message of CHILI dresses: Feel good and comfortable in what you wear.
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