Cookie policy

What are cookies?

A "cookie" is a file sent by a web server with variable content, consisting of letters and numbers, which is recorded on the user's computer and stored for a predetermined period of time.

What can cookies be used for?

The cookie enables our web server to recognize the device used for browsing and your browsing history on the website. With the help of cookies, we can get an idea of ​​the website visiting and Internet usage habits and history of the given user. Cookies do not contain any data that can be used to identify website visitors, they are only suitable for recognizing the user's computer.

Acceptance by visiting Chilidresses

When you visit, our website collects data using the cookies presented above. When visiting our website, the user can accept that the website uses cookies - unsuitable for identifying individuals - in accordance with our Data Management Information.

If the user disables the installation of cookies on his computer in his browser or deletes them, the usability of the website (or certain parts) may be limited, and the settings previously specified on the website may be lost.

Cookies used on our tomorrow

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the user to be able to navigate between pages/subpages and, where applicable, to access protected content (e.g. only accessible to registered users).

Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary to collect information about the user's website usage habits (e.g. language used, newsletter subscription).

Google Analytics cookies

We mainly use the information obtained in this way to improve and optimize the operation of our website, making it as user-friendly as possible.

Social media

Among other things, our website offers the opportunity for the visitor to view us and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We have no influence on the online data collection practices of social media independent of us. If you would like to obtain information about the data use of these media, we recommend that you read the terms of use and data protection of the relevant pages.

Newsletters, e-mails

You can also subscribe to our newsletter on our website, and you can contact us at any time to unsubscribe from the newsletter list.

Deleting and blocking cookies

If you want to delete or block cookies, certain functionalities of the website will not work properly, which may lead to certain malfunctions and errors in the use of our website.

You can find more information about deleting cookies at the following links:

Additional useful links and information

If you want to find out more information about cookies and their use, we recommend the following links:

When interpreting these regulations, the provisions of our data protection regulations must also be taken into account.